Feb 2012 - LOVE and its Many Faces

It being Valentine's Day this month, it seems appropriate to talk about love and its simplicity and complexities. If you were inspired to draw a 'Vision' picture (Jan 2012), 'Love ' probably was included there somewhere. Ponder on these questions for a little while... Are you 'in love'? Do you love your husband/wife/partner, children, parents, friends, pets? Do you love your job, sport or hobby? Do you love your life? Are you searching for 'love'? How does 'love' feel? Does it feel like that all the time?

Love is something that drives us in all aspects of our lives from the moment we are conceived. From your answers to the questions above, your idea of love may vary depending on who or what you are talking about but, if asked, we probably all have the idea within us of how wonderful love can feel and also how painful too when our life may have not gone the way we had hoped. Wherever you are on this scale of 'complete wonder' to 'what's all the fuss about?' or worse, no-one can deny how powerful an emotion it can be, if not the most powerful, and how physical it can feel. It can be expressed not only as instant attraction to another person or cause but also as great anger when protecting something we love. It can be very simple, clear and unshakeable or very complex and confusing. Why is this?

The Heart – the Centre of Everything

Our hearts are central to everything about us in our physiology and our spiritual and emotional natures. Physically, the heart pumps blood to every part of our body delivering nutrients and taking away debris, and protecting us through the activity of the immune system; it is crucial to our survival and growth. When you think of love, you cannot avoid the obvious connection with this physical organ and we often talk about being 'heart-broken' or 'he's a bit of a heart-throb'; you can physically 'feel' love in this area but why?

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the fourth major chakra in the body. It is considered to be central to the whole system with the 3 physical body chakras below and the 3 mind-spiritual chakras above. Love, like everything, is quantum or subtle energy and your 'feeling' of love will be how your Senses are interpreting this energy and expressing it in your physical body through biological processes. That may sound very clinical but it belies the enormous amount of information your Mind refers to when Love is part of the equation. Every Chakra, not only the Heart is involved and each Chakra may present a different face of Love from fierce passion or protection from the Root Chakra to mystical peacefulness from the Crown Spiritual Chakra. If the whole system is integrated well then Love may appear very clear and relationships untroubled but if not... we all know how this feels... Change for the better is always possible; if you can 'think it' then you can 'change it' and wherever you are on the Love Scale, there is always more to discover :-)

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