July 2017 - Building Resilience... Struggling with something? … It's not all your Fault!

Everything I write about here on this page is a way for me to help you build your resilience. If you are more aware of how you think or how we as people function then I hope that you can better understand yourself and others. With understanding comes more acceptance and may inspire interactions to be done in a more empowering way for all involved. I have come to realise that much of how we behave is deeply ingrained in us from our heritage – our cultures, genetics, communities, our own life experiences and from observing others. What I have also realised is that we are all also very good at adapting to our environments... if we are frightened or challenged, we somehow adapt to fit in which can sometimes unfortunately be in a form of surrendering or compromising aspects of ourselves. Of course we can also rise to the challenge and decide to shape our lives into something more positive and driven by our own Truth...  I touched on this last month when talking about Personal Values ... did you realise any Values that were missing from your life last month? Even though they are important to you? Still you feel unable to bring them into your life?
Adaptations and Blueprints As humans we are carrying so much heritage – our 'how-to's' of life - and when going through a healing or self-development process, it can be quite scary to realise that you suddenly feel like you are 'running somebody else's programs'... and then begin feeling 'but this is not the life I want'... remember this is just a feeling and a realignment will be going on inside of you to a new understanding about how you want to be and interact with the world. You will be letting go of layers of adaptations, layers of blueprints dictating who you are, one on top of the other laid down maybe over generations... this is happening rapidly at this time in history because of the abundance of information and the opportunity for each of us to reassess what we actually believe, what is our Truth, and how do we want to behave towards each other...
Health and Wellbeing Implications It is not anyone's fault that we are embedded in certain Blueprints, it is all just inherited! The increased yearning for a positive free life which has grown over the last few decades is causing greater conflict within and the greater the possible detrimental effects to our health as our bodies and our cultures try to adapt to the dis-ease which is manifesting... perhaps this is contributing to the global Terror threat and also the increase in our debilitating, harder-to-treat illnesses and the increased concern over our mental health.
Hope for the Future Our mental health – support, education, training - is crucial to us being resilient during life changes and challenges, to be able to manage ourselves and our relationships and maintain a clear, healthy and truthful sense of Self; Evolution is a natural process to be embraced and shaped… Healthy Mind - Healthy Body - Happy, Fulfilling Life :)

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