Feb 2013 - Looking for New Opportunity? New Job? New Love?

Have you ever had a day which flowed from start to finish, some events scheduled, some not ? A chance meeting with an old friend who you had only thought about just the day before? Or an off-the-cuff comment from a colleague which suddenly gave you the solution to a frustrating problem? Or even winning money on the lottery which was just enough to cover a bill that was due? This is how the natural free flow of subtle energy works; there is an intrinsic communication between everything and so if you need something to bring an idea to completion, an opportunity will arise to give you what is needed. It will occur effortlessly, any decision will just seem to make itself and it may not be until afterwards that you reflect and realise how the timing was so perfect. Of course some ideas or goals will need more inputs than others but there will be a definite path towards completion and reaching your destination whether that is a new relationship, new job or returning to full health.

Is Life / Love / Work a Struggle?
Unfortunately, if your subtle energy is not flowing freely, you may feel obstructed in certain parts of your life or maybe even all of it. “I never get any opportunities” / “I have to work really hard to get anywhere with this or that” / “Why am I not attractive?” / “Why are my skills not recognised at work?” you may say. This feeling of 'banging your head against a brick wall' is due to a lack of flow of your natural energy; you send out an intent but it is interrupted in some way, blocked or distorted. Your environment which would naturally interpret this subtle communication cannot understand what is said or does not even hear you.

Physical evidence of Interrupted Flow – What to look for...
Your reality is a wonderful source of clues to help you understand where your natural flow is interrupted. Very simply, just look at those areas of your life which do not work for you – make a list. It may be something that to everyone else looks fine but you just have a niggling discomfort, frustration or fear about and wish was different. Be honest with yourself. Each item on your list may relate to a different role such as mother, husband, girlfriend, friend, etc. or an activity like work, eating, socialising. You may find you can group items together under one heading. As you carry out this list process, you will be sending out a subtle intent that you want more clarity (better flow) and that you want answers and a 'how to'. Focused subtle energy work can help clear these 'interruptions' more quickly and help you focus your life's bigger picture more easily.

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