Aug 2019 - Feeling Connected? Feel You Belong? Feel Valued?

This year I have been writing about Chi and about Realising, 'making real', who you really are... 'no thought, no effort, just is'... beyond all the learnt behaviour and beyond all the compromises and defences. Recently I have discussed flowing as your Chi Self, feeling you are in tune with everything, feeling inspired and creative, enjoying life. As with all self-development work, it is a step-by-step process, this is Evolution... there is always a realisation around the corner, another light-bulb moment that uncovers or reconnects you with a deeper/higher/more complex part of yourself... and another question starts to form in your Consciousness... ?...?... and another phase of understanding begins... :)

Life Flowing Comfortably? But do You Feel Connected and Appreciated? You have found your Place in the World, where you feel you are using your talents and making a contribution. You are flowing in your life as your Chi Self... but do you feel you belong? Do you feel emotionally involved? Does it have meaning for you? Or do you ever feel like you are fully involved but not seen? Do you ever wonder what would happen if you left one day... would you be forgotten or replaced? We are now talking about a more complex level of connection in our relationship energies and it seems to be one we all crave... a feeling of value... that we can value another and that we ourselves feel valued. We can create the appearance of this value by our learned behaviours, by doing what appears to have value in our society and be rewarded for it... we can do it very well but I think this way of being is becoming outdated. This is showing up in the increase in mental health concerns and the higher level of fear we feel in living our lives, there is an inner change happening in how we value ourselves and each other. No longer can we be someone just because that is what is expected; we are searching for an inner clarity, an inner truth, the Way we really want to do something, the feeling that we are truly valued and even more importantly that we take ownership and truly value our own contribution.

World Suicide Prevention Day #WSPD is on September 10th every year, another cause very close to my heart. Life is precious and whatever anyone's circumstances, there should be the necessary support available to help anyone choose life over suicide... to give that glimmer of hope to continue... Of course, this is a very personal decision and is part of a very complex picture... but one aspect of WSPD is to raise awareness that we are there for the people in our lives, are always there if someone just needs to offload how they feel, not always to find a solution but just being available to listen without judgement... and provide that safe space that we all sometimes need to clarify a way through what we are experiencing... inspiration and a solution will eventually appear... 

Keep Connected... Believe in Better <3

If you need support, speak to someone you know, your GP, your national healthcare hotline, a charity. 

Some Helpful Links for the UK:

The Samaritans - 24 hours a day Tel. 116 123

Papyrus UK for Under-35's (9am-12 midnight) - Mob. 0800 068 4141, Text 07860 039967

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