Dec 2013 - Make This Year Count... See the positive and build on that

You may not feel like you have had any choice about your circumstances, you may have felt pushed and pulled by others, by Life itself, or you may feel very content and fulfilled but all of us will have had a challenge (or two or more!) this year... can you recall yours?

Every step of the way you, in your Inner World, will have been assessing what was going on around you and making decisions about that. Every one of us will have grown in our perspective about something this year for better or worse... every one of us. We are all expanding into a new future, this is unavoidable. We are all experiencing the world changing and we are all adapting to that in our own ways. There is a multitude of advice from every corner of our lives - “be happy”, “get a job”, “take responsibility”, “provide for your family”, “don't eat that”, “lose weight”, “stop smoking”, “don't do that, do this”... The only question really to ask on your own personal Life Journey is...

“Do you feel that you want anything to change?”

This may sound glib and easily be answered with “No”, “Can't be bothered”, “Don't know how”, “I'm stuck with this”... but just in asking the question of yourself and deciding what is your own personal answer will change Your Universe. There are times when it is obvious conscious change is needed such as ill health (both physical and emotional) or you are forced into a corner about something and there are times when it is not obvious, when only you can decide that you want a future different to the past. Ask yourself the question above... Answer the question... think about the answer until it rings true with the Inner You. Keep asking, keep answering and keep conscious of the choices Life presents to you... the future is not set in stone, there are possibilities already forming and waiting for you... Make Next Year Count too :)

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