Feb 2018 - What Will Fulfill You? When Will You Feel Complete?

I wrote about Fear recently and finished with these words 'what will fulfill you...' and since then I have been thinking about what is it that we really all want... When do we know we have done enough? Are we ever content? Do we ever have all the pieces of our own evolving personal puzzle? Are we really shaping our lives ourselves or are we all just responding to our environment? Can we ever be fulfilled or do we just surrender to the status quo at some point or at a certain age?!
At my first 'Your Healing Space' monthly group in (Jan 2018), one of the topics briefly discussed was about the word 'Empowerment' and how it felt uncomfortable to say 'I am Empowered'. This idea has been the backbone of my work for many years and evolved out of realising that I'd adapted to a stressful situation but didn't feel comfortable with the person I'd become. I wrote about it here back in Oct 2014 'Empowered? How strong do you feel on the inside? ' where I likened the feeling of Empowerment to a simple electrical circuit for a lightbulb... either the bulb (You) is shining brightly or it is fragile and flickers...
So... Feeling Fragile or Overwhelmed? If this is the case, would you tug at the threadbare wiring, roughly shake the flickering bulb, or try to recharge the out-of-date corroded battery? Wouldn't this just break the circuit and cause the light to go out or sparks to fly and the bulb to pop? Isn't it better to carefully repair or replace the exhausted parts with upgraded items suitable for the light necessary for your environment and its future needs?
Need more Power? If so How? This question is fundamental to our behaviour and holistically also our whole health and wellbeing... we are energy beings that need to be powered. We need to eat the appropriate good quality nutritious food but to truly thrive and feel fulfilled and complete , our emotional needs also need to be met. Feelings are the blood of the Soul and unfortunately when we suffer with stress and our feelings are overwhelming, our ability to manage our own power can become 'corroded'. Either we process and resolve our feelings (repair/replace/upgrade!) or we adapt and create a way forward for ourselves which enables us to continue our lives – these adaptations can become 'Powerful Ideas' we rely on such as 'smoking relieves my stress', 'I need this medicine/drug/person/money'... Both ways your Light may shine to the outside world but one will feel Empowering and have positive consequences for your wellbeing whereas the other may slowly deplete your inner power and ability to connect with and create joyful experiences. Choose to stand in your own power, resolve all adaptations... Face rather than Fear ... :)

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