Aug 2014 - Metaphysical Loops

Do you lose focus or get distracted easily? Experience annoyingly repetitive life events or behaviour? Life gets in the way? Have you found yourself spending more than your budget and are in debt again? Ended up in yet another 'bad relationship' or just 'lost interest'? Past events keep coming to mind and prevent you moving forward in your life? Your circumstances just don't change however much you want them to or however many self-help books or courses you study? Sometimes 'Life' just seems to 'happen' whatever you try or however you behave? Have you ever asked the questions 'Why is this happening AGAIN?' or 'Why can't I be bothered when this is really important to me?'... What you are experiencing is a Metaphysical Loop. . . . 

“Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” is a well-used phrase in all positive-thinking approaches to achieving your goals and improving all aspects of health but what does this mean? Metaphysical Sciences study the behaviour of sub-atomic particles where the Laws of Traditional Physics do not apply and Quantum Mechanics is used instead and it is this area of Science which is slowly understanding how our Thoughts interact with our surroundings. It has been seen in metaphysical experiments with such particles that just the Thoughts of the Observer influence the outcome and even that particles on opposite sides of the World seem linked in their responses, both of which suggest unseen communications happening at a quantum level. All holistic philosophies are based on this unseen web of Thoughts and quantum energy hidden within the 'Seen World'. To me, intuition (our inner dialogue) describes how we decypher this subtle/quantum communication and is an innate ability we all have the potential to develop and is necessary if you want to step beyond your Metaphysical Loops.


They are Circuits of Thought at the sub-atomic level, they are the patterns of behaviour that reside in your Subconscious and deeper Superconscious held within the cells of your body. They provide a boundary to your Life which you may naturally grow beyond ('Life happens') or which you can choose to push against, and the deeper the circuit the more challenging the journey out of the Loop, psychologically and/or physically. Becoming aware of your Life Loops starts the process of reorganising how your brain maps them and you will know when you are growing beyond a Loop because you will naturally become aware of other options available to you via the Law of Attraction (May 2013) – other ways to behave or new opportunities to follow. Don't give up if you want change, every Loop can be surpassed <3

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