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Introduction to Your Self-Development

Do you want to know more about your Mind-Body-Deeper Conscious connection? Do you wonder why your Life, your Relationships or your Health are the way they are? Do you wonder why aspects of your life don’t work when others do? As a Kinesiologist and Reiki Practitioner of over 2 decades, I have pondered on questions like these many times and through using Kinesiology to help my own life challenges, have developed a very intuitive but targeted and structured approach in my Practice. This includes work with clarifying chakras, role energies, Chi potentials and how we interact with food, our environment and each other with the far greater dimension of our Relationship Energies. Finding and facing deep fears, conflicts and discomfort in a supported focused Healing Space can lead you to who you truly are and want to be. . . . as an Individual and in all your Relationships.

Frustrated by repeated life patterns? Can't seem to find your place in the world? Can't Flow? . . . Say 'No More !! '  

Since the beginning of the covid pandemic, my personal healing and self-development journey has continued even though I have not written in my Blog since then. I found that my work took a deeper, more expansive path which I am slowly coming to terms with. I felt that I needed to learn more at the beginning of 2020 and that is what has happened. At some point I will write more on this process but as a beginning to this, I have explained more below.

From 2002-2020, I have been doing Kinesiology Treatments in-person at home, at clients' homes, various clinics and at Mind-Body-Spirit Shows and more recently Festivals. My interest for a while now however has been how to facilitate such healing and development via online sessions which has led me to training with the Center for Thriving Relationships as a Thriving Relationship Coach and will be my personal development focus from Sept 2023. I am finding that as I learn the new techniques and practise them, my experience in Energy Work is continuing to develop and expand and be integrated into the Coaching Practice and Tools.  

This is giving me exactly what I had hoped for and more. . . . 

With this currently going on, I am looking for a few Couples (or Individuals) to work with online for FREE. These will be practice sessions for me to build my skills as an online Relationship Coach and how I can integrate my Energy Work into this as well. Can you be flexible, patient . . . curious? Want to grow and know more about how relationships can really work well ?? Do Contact me :) 


This is my Journey and in sharing this with you, I hope it helps you to understand yours too :) 

I have personally found it really helpful to revisit my Blog posts so please have a look and go with where your intuition takes you . . . . Maybe start with Your Journey to Being Whole Series :) 

I am also still available for in-person sessions for anyone or couples local to me in the UK. 

If you would like any further information or a quick chat, do Contact Me :)

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