July 2024 - Volunteer Couples Needed !!

I have been studying Thriving Relationship Coaching with the Centre for Thriving Relationships for nearly a year now. This was a new skill for me to learn and one of the main reasons was to get experience with facilitating online sessions. You will see from my Blog that Relationship Energy and Patterns started to become that extra dimension to my Healing and Self-Development Work and my Personal Awareness back in 2018 during my 'Your Journey to Being Whole' Blog Series.

I began to realise that this Form of Energy, this activity in my Subtle Self, had been there all along in my own process, in my own self-development through my own life experiences and had been something that I had not been ready to see but it became part of what I was striving to understand and work with effectively as it completely overwhelmed my best intentions and limited growth in my own life.

As I have learnt more, experienced more, realised more, my Kinesiology Techniques have also evolved. You can do your own Self-Development Process but Relationship Energy can completely change the dynamic in a situation. Of course the more you grow in Yourself, you will begin to sense when this is happening and begin to work with it but it can be overwhelming and confusing until you understand its Form. My recent Course has given me direct experience of how to apply great Coaching Tools, to help couples be more open-hearted, trusting and really listen, to be honest about misunderstandings and conflict and build communication to find resolution, inspiration, hope and fulfilment.

My Journey through all this has been about seeing and understanding the Energy Forms and Mechanisms that a Couple experience during the Coaching (Relationship Development) Process as they move from distancing, defensive behaviour (causing dissonance, confusion and discomfort) to moments of true understanding, caring engagement and collaboration and curiosity about what is possible for them and their future.

I am now looking for Couples to volunteer for FREE online or in-person sessions to help me gain more experience in working with Relationship Energies. The sessions will be grounded in my Kinesiology Experience bringing in my Coaching Tools as guided by the Energy of the Session. All I ask is that you are willing to give feedback after each session.

When Relationship Patterns become habitual or form in a way that is not true to who you are or want to be, Growth for the Relationship and for each Individual can be an unknown waiting to be found, healed, created or developed and can involve facing out-dated and inherited ways of Interacting and Interdependencies.

With Healing and Self-Development you will gain awareness of the Patterns, become aware of when they are yours and when they are not yours, support you in your growth, and help you learn to choose and embrace your own potentials as an Individual and those of your Relationship.

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