Jan 2024 - Thriving Relationship Coach Certification - Volunteer Couples Needed !!

I am currently studying to be a Thriving Relationship Coach with the Centre for Thriving Relationships. I am looking for Couples to volunteer for Zoom sessions to help me practise coaching with the Tools I am learning. This is completely for free and all I ask is for a bit of patience as I navigate getting used to working online.

When Relationship Patterns become habitual, growth for the Relationship and for each Individual can be an unknown waiting to be found or created, but is also usually limited by complex Energetic Forms, Interactions and Interdependencies.

The Relationship Communication Tools I am learning are giving me a very real and also some fun ways of working with your patterns and more importantly your potentials that need empowering. So much Healing, Joy, Hope and Fulfilling Understanding & Reconnection is possible from these techniques :)

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